Internet marketing experts abound and they’re not shy — they all are happy to share their opinions with you.  And that’s great! You can use their input to inform your decisions on how to market your local business online. Since you’re likely an expert on the workings of your local business, that input can be priceless as it helps you navigate the more unfamiliar terrain of online marketing and advertising about which you’re likely not an expert. Many of those gurus share a distinct opinion about boosting Facebook posts. They’ll tell you, “Don’t do it, it’s a waste of money”. As much as we appreciate the great advice and input many of them provide, on this point, we have to humbly disagree. Advertising experts are wrong about this strategy.

Local businesses often have many more constraints on them than larger businesses.  And those constraints are not trifles. Size gives you an advantage that smaller businesses simply cannot match. For instance, they have less resources at their disposal to complete key tasks. As a result they have to wear multiple hats — often ALL the hats. But chief among these constraints?  Budget. The strategies suggested by online advertising experts — and they are good strategies — are often much more geared toward medium and large-sized businesses. But local businesses have a completely different set of circumstances to deal with when it comes to online marketing. As a result, they often have to use a different calculus to determine the right strategy to market their businesses online. And part of that calculus may very well involve Facebook post boosts.

Experts say to use the more complex advertising strategies available in Facebook Ads Manager such as lead generation, traffic, retargeting, conversion and others. These are great strategies — the experts are right about them. But they can be out of reach for many local businesses. So, that’s why we say, “Advertising experts are wrong about this strategy.” Post boosts have a place in the marketing mix for local businesses.

Watch our video and we’ll tell you why…