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Should Your Local Business Be on Twitter?

By |2021-03-08T14:22:38-08:00March 8th, 2021|Advertising, Marketing, Twitter|

Many local businesses have a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business. They're great platforms to reach prospects and build deeper relationships with your existing customer base. But, should your local business be on Twitter? There are many reasons to [...]

Advertising experts are wrong about this strategy

By |2021-02-18T20:53:26-08:00February 18th, 2021|Advertising, Facebook, Marketing|

Internet marketing experts abound and they're not shy -- they all are happy to share their opinions with you.  And that's great! You can use their input to inform your decisions on how to market your local business online. Since you're [...]

The Best Ways Local Businesses Can Utilize Social Media in 2021

By |2021-02-09T20:37:05-08:00February 9th, 2021|Marketing|

The Best Ways Local Businesses Can Utilize Social Media in 2021 Tips for local business to utilize social media in 2021 How does local business utilize social media in 2021? Most of what the social media gurus tell you [...]

Build Your Marketing Engine

By |2020-10-23T16:33:35-07:00May 3rd, 2020|Marketing|

One of the things we preached all last year was to prepare your business for a rainy day. In 2019, when the economy was on fire, it was easy to ignore such urgings. Today, though, we can all see that every [...]

Social Media, Relationships, and Value

By |2020-10-23T16:34:29-07:00March 5th, 2020|Marketing|

No one would have guessed ten years ago that social media would be such a dominant force in our society in 2019. It's been credited with connecting far-flung family members and friends, creating the ability for businesses and celebrities to connect [...]

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