Social Media Management

Digi Hammer offers full-service social media management for your business across multiple channels such as Facebook and Instagram. All social media management is designed to build atop and support your brand. This includes topic and theme generation, content creation, content posting, customer service and follow-up, and monthly reporting/strategic insights.  See Pricing for more details.

Social Media Advertising

Digi Hammer is happy to offer full-service social media advertising services for your business. Whether boosting an existing post or creating advertising from scratch, Digi Hammer will work with you to find the right budget, targeting and demographics for your advertising campaign. The service includes content strategic consultation, creation, post boosting, budgetary management, campaign monitoring and adjustment, customer service, and post-campaign reporting/strategic insights.  See Pricing for more details.

Blog Posts and Copywriting

Whether you have a regular blog for which you need content created or just have general copywriting needs on a per project basis, Digi Hammer is prepared to handle the task. See our Pricing for more details on our copywriting services.